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Anni Jaarinen – Fortum

12 years at Fortum and many more ahead

I have a masters degree in power plant technology and I became interested in nuclear already during my studies. That is why I did an Erasmus exchange at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden to study reactor technology. In 2006, no such training was available in Finland, so the Stockholm exchange was really rewarding for me.

I’ve worked at Fortum all my career, and I started in the usual way, doing my master’s thesis in process design. After design engineering, I started leading the same process design team and enjoyed the job for 7 years. Process design provided a great opportunity to explore the power plant as a whole, as it was closely linked to all other technical disciplines.

In 2017, after 10 years in process design, I got the chance to try something completely new! Since 2017, I have led a sub-business area of radioactive waste services and the decommissioning of nuclear installations in Nuclear Services. Although the technical field has changed completely, the process background, design process expertise and good nuclear networks have made it easier to dive into new challenges. It has been inspiring to embrace a new technical field surrounded by familiar people! Job rotation opportunities at Fortum are really good and I find Fortum an interesting and attractive company for both new comers, as well as for someone who has been in the company for more than 10 years.

Currently, my work focuses on the sales, implementation and management of external projects in the field of nuclear waste and decommissioning. We work as a small team, leveraging Fortum’s entire competence portfolio. In this role, I have the possibility to work together with people from Fortum’s other divisions and it is our joint goal to build an entirely new business area for Fortum, together. This is very exciting, and I enjoy every moment to the fullest.

At Fortum, I value open leadership, an honest working culture and good team spirit.

It’s good to work towards a common goal with a great gang with whom we can tackle any situation and celebrate achievements together!


Anni Jaarinen, Head of Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste at Fortum

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