Trainee diaries

TVO has researched SMR technology for three years

TVO is asked time and time again if we intend to invest in SMR. Until now, our reply has been that we are focusing all our efforts on completing OL3. Now that OL3 is approaching completion, it is time to regroup our thoughts.

However, we will not need to start this work from zero in Olkiluoto.  In fact, TVO has been researching the possibilities of SMR already since March 2020. The project name, SMR2029, refers to the ban of coal use starting in Finland in 2029, which will make it necessary to find new solutions for energy production. Also, SMR technology is expected to be already commercially available by 2029, with legislation in place to enable the construction of SMR.

The recruiting for the project inside the company generated a lot of interest and 13 professionals were appointed to take part in it. The final report for the project is expected to be available shortly. The continuation of SMR activities is now under consideration at TVO.

During the project, popular support for nuclear has increased to a historically high level and both decision-makers and the public are asking for more investments in nuclear power. It is also hoped that SMR technology will provide a solution for the production of district heat in urban areas.

There are still several open questions regarding the realisation of investments in SMR in Finland, however.

Text is written by Juha Poikola, Manager of Public Relations for TVO.